Fertigation Systems

Open API

Connect and share data across your lighting, HVAC, fertigation, and more through a centralized platform.

Smart Parameters

Automated parameter monitoring and correction of pH, EC, temperature, and fertilizer dilution.

Transition to Automation

Smart features are included to help build automated recipes. 

Automated Cleaning Cycles

Optional Soil Moisture Control

Automated Cleaning Cycles

Optional Soil Moisture Control

The Poseidon

Automated in-line fertigation unit designed to prepare and deliver user-defined fertilizer recipes across any number of feeding zones.

Packed with features needed by commercial cultivators but with added accessibility to transition from manual watering to high-tech.

Seamless Installation

Integrates in-line with existing irrigation network and is compatible with a variety of fertilizers.


Unlimited number of zones and fertilizer injectors.

Optional Soil Moisture Sensors

Optional soil moisture sensors allow for automated irrigation based on soil moisture.

On-Demand Application

Instantly send any recipe or nutrient to any zone of plants.

The Mobile Poseidon

Mobile fertigation system designed to automatically mix and deliver precise dosing amounts to any number of plants.

For smarter manual feeds with added capabilities to transition to automated fertigation.

Touch Screen Control

Choose recipes and fertilizers to apply on a touch screen. No more mixing.

Smarter Supplemental Feeding

Perform manual operations with precision and speed, while collecting all the data.

Data Tracking and Analytics

Automatic collection of fertilizer application across each zone.

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