Watering Cannabis Plants Fertigation

The Consequence of

Cannabis Irrigation Runoff

Runoff from commercial cannabis producers contains high concentrations of excess fertilizers. These compounds can accumulate in our ecosystems and disrupt their natural functions.

An example is when excess phosphorus from fertilizers accumulates in bodies of water. This is a significant factor in “algal blooms” – a rapid increase in algae on top of water. Blooms can be so extreme that they entirely blackout their underlying water, starving the aquatic plant life for light. They can also deplete the body of water’s dissolved oxygen levels, leading to rapid declines in aquatic life.

We face many more consequences when runoff makes its way into nature, some of which aren’t so easily predicted. This is an issue the whole world faces and contributes to, in industrial settings and even in small village farms.

Today, many municipalities require producers to report runoff estimates and water analysis reports. This is important for them to gauge the local ecosystem’s stress load and their water treatment systems. Gathering the necessary data to report can be done by professionals as a service or through in-house tracking of runoff. However, this can be a time-consuming spreadsheet induced nightmare to many, and with a large learning curve to understand how what calculations to utilize.

We’ve heard growers face this challenge. We’re developing features for our fertilizer irrigation and management software platform that will automatically track water, fertilizer, and pesticide use as well as provide insights through analysis and prediction.

Are there any other challenges in the agricultural or horticultural industry that you’d like to see tackled? If so, we’d love to hear about them. Our systems have been designed based on dozens of leading commercial producers’ feedback, and with accessible features that can transition an operation from hand watering to high tech. If you’d like to learn more about current solutions and how we can assist your operation with reducing and tracking your runoff, please reach us for more information. 

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