Goodbye 2020,

Hello 2021


We’ve had a great, but tough year. Thanks to everyone who made it possible! We wanted to share some of our accomplishments and big plans!

This year contained numerous milestones for PhenoLogic, and we have big plans. We were able to secure substantial investments, and have some promising opportunities on the horizon. We are very excited for you to follow along with us on our journey to grow and continue to offer smarter fertigation! 

Developments and Deployments

We’ve talked with over 100 producers in the cannabis industry, leading to several refinements of our product, and many potential clients. In October we deployed our first production-ready system at a Class C operator in Michigan. We are now in the process of trialing feature-ready technology across several facilities. Through close partnership with 15+ commercial cannabis cultivators, we are actively aligning our product development to suit our users’ needs.

Marketing and Sales

Moving into this year we are getting ready to release all new marketing materials, including with a brand new website. Along with this, we’ve expanded our sales team and developed much stronger sales processes systems. With these revised marketing strategies and sales collateral, we are moving to test these growth tactics aggressively and know that we will increase the adoption of our technology greatly this year.

Up to this point, we have focused on the cannabis industry. However 2021 will be a huge year for agriculture technology across all sectors, and we have plans to aggressively target a select few segments outside of the cannabis industry.

New Technology

We are very excited to be releasing a new product in the next month – a mobile fertigation system unlike anything available on the market. This mobile system offers a much smarter fertigation strategy for more manual operations and for supplemental feeding for almost any producer. This new offering aligns very well with our target market and expands our market reach. We’ve garnered much interest in the system and look forward to trialing it with various operators in early 2021.

Now, we want to take a moment to reflect upon this progress and thank the friends, investors, and cultivators that have made it possible.

Conquer Accelerator | June-August

The Conquer Accelerator provides selected startups with ten weeks of intensive programming, centered on completion of tailored, goal-driven benchmarks. As participants of the Summer 2020 cohort, we received $20,000 in funding, mentorship from 40+ business leaders and entrepreneurs, and other essential resources.
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Burgess New Venture Challenge | April

PhenoLogic was selected first out of 15 teams in the 2020 Burgess New Venture Challenge. As a prize, Michigan State University and MSUFCU awarded us $15,000 in non-dilutive funding.
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Sente Ag-Tech Program

The Sente Indoor AgTech program, hosted in partnership with GrowRay Technologies and NOBO, provided us with the opportunity to network and learn from leading investors and operators in the cannabis space. The program comes with opportunities to pilot our technology in a state-of-the-art growing facility.
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MSU Hatch & Burgess Institute for Entrepeneurship & Innovation

Our team wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of the entrepreneurship programs at Michigan State University. Their teachings have prepared us for ambitious world of high growth companies. 

Venturewell Accelerator | July

The Pioneer program supports engineering-based student teams from across the nation in commercializing their high-impact innovations. As participants, we received $5,000 in non-dilutive funding and access to C-Suite mentors, workshops, and more.

CES 2020 | January

The annual CES Conference is considered to be the most influential tech event in the world. This year, we had the privilege to host a booth and introduce our technology to the 170,000 attendees.