PhenoLogic at CES!

Early in January 2020 the PhenoLogic family attended CES!

If you were there, you might have seen us on the 1st floor of the Sands expo building.  We were over in the University innovations section nearby some other really cool budding bussinesses.  We decorated our booth with a large plant wall, graphics, and a cool oil lava lamp we made to demonstrate the precision and reliability of our fertigation system.  We also passed out plenty of food and water to everyone who passed by or stopped to talk with us. 

We brought our flagship product with us to CES, the Poseidon, a smart irrigation and fertilizer management system for professional growers and farmers.  We talked to many growers and farmers over the week about how Poseidon can make their production more efficient.  Some of these people were tea growers in China, tomato growers in Canada, Cannabis growers from across the US, and we saw a lot of interest from home hobbyist growers.  We’ve heard you, and we’re back hard at work creating the best fertigation system money can buy! 

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